Singapore has been chosen for its accessibility to the vast Asia Pacific stretching from the west – Middle East countries – to Australia and New Zealand. Dental health products and services demand will continue to rise and this is anticipated to be the fastest growing sector of the medical industry for the region.

Singapore, with its excellent reputation for oral health services and offering a whole range of dental treatment modalities by general dentists and dental specialist was a natural choice for this event. Dentistry in Singapore enjoys a very high standard which attracts experts from regional countries to learn the many benefits for their patients.

DICE (Dental International Convention and Exhibition) intends to bring updates and better dentistry not only to Singapore but to also to the APAC region. The dental trade exhibition will attract top dental manufacturers and new dental companies world-wide which will offer innovative products to the region.

Consistently ranked as Asia’s Top Convention City by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Singapore is a global leader for business events. (cf image link:

 “Economic prosperity, aging population, the growing middle-income population and sensitive public policy are key demand drivers of better healthcare and infrastructure”.

Minister for Health Singapore, Mr Gan Kim Yong

ASEAN has quietly become a major trade destination for international businesses. The region is currently growing faster than any other in the world, with many analysts projecting it to become the fourth largest economic zone globally.

Healthcare … ASEAN countries, Embracing wellness

ASEAN’s evolving demographics and lifestyle is driving changes in dental sector. Life longevity in Southeast Asia is expected to exceed other areas in Asia in the long term, challenging healthcare providers to equip themselves with skills and resources including dental healthcare.

Economic growth has stirred greater demand for quality and innovative healthcare services.

Healthcare spending

The World Health Organisation estimates that the average total healthcare expenditure is US$ 544 per capita in ASEAN , about 4 percent of the GDP. Singapore and Brunei top the list with US$ 2,273 and US$ 1,449 per capita, respectively.

Singapore gateway to entry to Southeast Asia.

Singapore’s location makes it a prime area for those looking to ship or fly goods into Southeast Asia. Singapore is centrally located between major Southeast Asian nations, including Indonesia to the west, Vietnam and Thailand to the north, and the Philippines to the east. Singapore is currently Asia’s main transhipment hub and is the world’s busiest port in terms of shipping tonnage.