Stefan Ihde

International Implant Foundation
Germany Stefan Ihde was born 1962 in Immenstadt i. Allgäu / West-Germany. He studied dentistry in Würzburg/Germany from 1982 until 1987.  In 1988 he submitted successfully his Dr.-thesis in the field of laboratory medicine. After two years of work as dentist in Germany he relocated to Switzerland and focussed his clinical work on basal and later on cortico-basal dental implantology. In the following 25 years he has placed and equipped more than 50.000 oral implants and all this was done in immediate functional loading protocol. Many of these cases are under his control for 20 an more years. With his vast and powerful clinical work he follows seamless in the footsteps of his teacher Prof. L. Linkow, New York, USA.

For more than 20 years Dr.Ihde has been conducting the product development department und clinical and pre-clinical research in the IHDE DENTAL group of companies. He developed the „Technology of the Strategic Implant(R)“ and most of cortico-basal implantalogy together with close friends/colleagues. He united all their forces and knowledge into the International Implant Foundation (IF) , Munich/Germany. The IF is today the worldwide leading authority and institution for teaching and researching in the field of immediate functional loading. 

Dr. Ihde`s main field of research is the adaptation of bone, the repair of bone and the development of techniques and devices for the immediate loading of dental implants. He has researched in the field for many years in cooperation with the University of Belgrade/Serbia and he based the science on broad animal experiments done there. As international Journals initially refused to publish his results, he compiled them in the pathbreaking scientific textbook „Principles of BOI“, published by Springer/Germany in 2005.  This book was the first complete textbook about the technique of lateral basale implants and with this book Dr. Ihde closed this chapter of his scientific life. He went on with research into cortico-basal implants which were much easier to teach and to install.

His results have been published over a period of more than 20 years in more than 100 international publications (in English and Russian language), as well as in seven textbooks on dental implantology performed in immediate functional loading. 

Dr. Ihde is a well known international speaker and member of several workgroups and international and national associations in the field of dental Implantology. He coordinates research and teaching in several universities and other research institutions.