Ranjan Mallawaarachchi

Smart Care Dental Digital Health

Dr. Ranjan Mallawaaarchchi MD is a Board-certified consultant OMF surgeon who graduated from the postgraduate institute of medicine, University of Colombo Sri Lanka, where he also attended undergraduate studies at the Faculty of dental sciences at the University of Peradeniya, sri Lanka. During his postgraduate period, he received specialist maxillofacial surgical training at Northwick park hospital under Royal College of  surgeons England . Also, he has worked as a senior clinical fellow at Middlesex hospital and Northwick park hospital London. During his residency, he was able to provide superior care consultations that resulted in an overall improvement of the department patients satisfaction quotient  

After leaving from Uk, he has worked as an oral & maxillofacial surgeon in the public sector and private sector in Sri Lanka. During his time in Sri Lanka, he started the palliative care concept to manage end-stage head and neck cancers. He is a dedicated medical professional and contributes to social service and volunteering. Due to introducing palliative care, he received the Presidential award in 2018. He started the home-based palliative care service for head and neck cancer in 2012 in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka and expanded to many provinces later. Due to his passion for volunteering, he was nominated as the best volunteer in 2019 by the united nation’ volunteers.

He is currently based in Australia and working at Smart care digital dental health as CEO. Also he is the Founder and OMF surgeon at the Doctor on care virtual platform.  His interest in serving people when they need has led to his dedication to digitalizing dentistry and medicine. He designed and developed all in one teledentistry solution for global use with his expertise in teledentistry and telemedicine. Dr. Ranjan’s effort smart care dental digital health solution was launched in 2020 and has helped many dental professionals During the covid 19 pandemics.

Apart from surgery and Dentistry, his main interest areas are teledentistry, telehealth, telemedicince, Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, and Artificial intelligence in health care. He is a researcher at the University of London and a consultant at Aussie medics and Samsung smart school.